The Project:
Doernbecher Children's Hospital

The Streimer Architectural Division successfully installed a 125,000-sq.-ft. curtain-wall system on the exterior of Doernbecher Children's Hospital, a multistory structure that featured multi-challenges: a curved surface, 30-ft. cantilevered overhangs, and a first floor that sits 90 feet above grade.
    The curtain-wall system is made of Alucobond, a material-composite metal panel. Once the Alucobond was trucked in, crews used cranes to hoist the panels to the roof of the hospital. The project was then staged off the roof, and the installation of the exterior building panels was begun from the top down.
    Prior to beginning the project, Streimer built a mockup of seven panels and a window and placed the installation into a test chamber for wind-load, water-penetration, and additional specifications tests.

For more information contact:

Mark LaFarge

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"We used a lot of window-washing equipment to complete the job. We set up a trolley, so we had a platform that moved horizontally underneath the 30-ft. overhang. We also utilized some booms from below, as well as 120-ft. aerial equipment, which enabled us to install soffit panels."

Mark LaFarge
Streimer Project Leader


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